Rhythm & Cycles Part 1

Launching today 9/6 the Rhythm & Cycles Ring and Bandana Holder. It's an idea I had since last year but that didn't really manifest itself until around New Years Eve 2017 to early Jan 2018. I had seen a lot of other woggles (that's the legit bandana holder term FYI) but wanted something to go with the bandana that doubled as a ring I could wear without it too. 

I drew the design with the idea of a wrapped around paisley because when I think of bandanas I think paisleys naturally. And from there I started to dig deeper into the history of the design. The design spans it's inspiration from as far east as India, to the Middle East (Where's it's called a Boteh meaning a shrub or bush), and as far west as a town called Paisley in Scotland. Later on it became a staple in the swinging 60's psychedelic flower power movements and even the name of Prince's Estate Paisley Park. 

After the history lesson I had to figure out my own intensions for the design and how I could relate it back to music. My first thought was that the smaller curl of the paisley reminded me of an embryo growing larger into adulthood before returning back to nothing and starting the cycle again. Following that I noticed the swirls were reminiscent of the energy of sound waves in music that come and go ever reoccurring. And that led to the name Rhythm and Cycles. 

Going to it leave there for now since it's late so call it a Part 1. But more about the developing process and the making of in Part 2.



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