The Plinth & Scratch website is finally up!

It's finally open! Thank you to all of you that have helped, supported early, and waited patiently as I fumbled my way through starting this new journey. It's been a learning curve developing the product and getting it to a platform to showcase and sell it. But I'm glad whoever is still here to buy a bandana and rock it to bare thread. 

So a little story about Plinth & Scratch is in order, since people have been probably seeing all those epic photos on Instagram. (If you haven't...well you should @plinthandscratch.) It all started with music...well specially vinyl records, vintage hi-fi, and dance. I also had a big year of going to concerts throughout 2014 to now. All those experiences along with really wanting a creative outlet for something that wasn't stifled by corporate agenda. But now you might ask why bandana's? Why a name like Plinth & Scratch? Well hang tight...I'll tell you tomorrow after I get some sleep. 

Good night...I mean morning!

Foundation is the key to building creative synergy.


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